A Foodie’s Guide to India: Top Restaurants and Local Delicacies

While having lunch with a friend of mine that owns a medical equipment business based out of Florida, read more about them here He shared with us his opinion and tips about traveling to India, which inspired me to make this post today. I learned that India has some of the world’s most incredible food and culinary traditions. India has something for everyone, from its vibrant street-food markets to its elaborate regional cuisine. For the adventurous foodie looking to explore what India’s diverse culture offers, here are some of the top restaurants and local delicacies you won’t miss.

Punjab Grill

Punjab Grill in Delhi is one popular restaurant that should be at the top of any foodie’s list. Serving traditional Punjabi cuisine with a modern twist, this restaurant offers an unforgettable dining experience with dishes like their signature Dal Makhani – a creamy black lentil dish served with buttery basmati rice. Other must-tries include Tandoori Murgh (Tandoori Chicken) and Paneer Tikka Masala.

The Udupi Palace

For a taste of traditional South Indian cuisine, head to The Udupi Palace in Mumbai. Here you can sample classic dishes like Rava Dosa (a savory crepe made from semolina flour), Masala Dosa (a potato-filled crepe served with chutney and sambar), or the ever-popular Idli Sambar – steamed rice cakes served with a spicy veggie stew. Other regional specialties include fried banana chips, Uttapam (savory rice pancakes topped with veggies), and Vada Pav – India’s slider version.

Kathiyawadi Thali

If you’re looking for something unique, don’t miss the Kathiyawadi Thali – a traditional Gujarati meal served on a metal platter. This delicious spread includes dishes like Bhindi Masala (stir-fried okra with spices), Handvo (steamed savory cake), and Undhiyu (mixed vegetable curry). For dessert, go for the classic Gajar ka Halwa – warm carrot pudding made with milk, nuts, and raisins.

Moglai Paratha

No visit to India is complete without trying Moglai Paratha – a flaky layered flatbread stuffed with spiced potatoes or minced meat. This popular street-food snack is a favorite among locals, and you can find it at food stalls all over the country. Top your paratha with spicy chutney or pickles for an extra treat.

These are just a few of the mouthwatering delicacies that India has to offer. From regional specialties to classic staples, there’s something for everyone regarding Indian cuisine. So why not take a culinary adventure to explore the flavors of this fascinating country? You won’t regret it!…

Helpful Resources for an Overseas Trip

If you’re planning an overseas trip, a few helpful resources can make your experience more manageable and less stressful. Here are some of the best options: 

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is essential for any international trip. It will help to protect you and your belongings in case anything goes wrong while you’re abroad, such as lost or stolen items, flight cancellations, or medical emergencies. Make sure to compare different travel insurance plans and select the one best fits your needs. 

Currency Conversion Apps

Before traveling overseas, it’s essential to understand the local currency and how much it costs compared to your home currency. Many convenient currency conversion apps are available for smartphones, such as XE Currency and MyCurrency. 

Translation Apps

If you don’t speak the language of the country you’re visiting, translation apps are a great way to help you communicate. Google Translate is among the most popular options, but others, like WordReference or iTranslate, might suit you better. 

Location-Based Services

To find attractions and restaurants near your destination, turn to location-based services such as Yelp or TripAdvisor. These websites will provide reviews from locals about different establishments in the area so that you can make informed decisions about where to go and what to do during your trip. 

Maps and Directions

A GPS app or an offline map can be beneficial in navigating a foreign city. Whether walking, driving, or taking public transportation, having access to maps and directions will make your trip much more straightforward. For navigation assistance, download apps like Google Maps, HERE WeGo, or Apple Maps. 

With these resources at your disposal, planning an overseas trip should be much simpler and more enjoyable! …

The Ultimate Guide to Fixing Common Construction Problems

No matter how experienced you are in construction, a few common issues come up from time to time. This guide can help you identify and fix them quickly and efficiently.


Faulty seals, deteriorated caulking, or worn-out gaskets can cause leaks. To repair these leaks, locate the source of the leak and clean any debris or standing water around it before applying a new sealant or patching it up with some filler material such as epoxy.

Damage Caused By Moisture

Damage caused by moisture can range from mildew and mold to rotting wood. If the problem is due to leaking pipes, repairing the piping should solve the problem. If the damage is more significant than what you can fix with a simple repair, you might need to replace the affected area.

Structural Damage

Structural damage usually occurs due to settling or shifting foundations, shoddy work, or incorrect installation. To fix this problem, you’ll need to find and eliminate the source of the issue before attempting to repair any structural damages.

Pest Infestation

Rodents and insects can severely interfere with construction projects if not dealt with properly. Inspect all areas of your project for signs of infestation, such as droppings, nests, burrows, and entry points. After identification, use chemical treatments or traps to eliminate them.

Weather Damage

High winds, excessive rain, or hail can cause weather damage. To avoid these problems, ensure your project can withstand the elements and use weather-resistant materials where possible. If you find any signs of weather damage during the regular inspection, take the necessary steps to fix them as soon as possible.

Following the advice in this guide, you should be able to quickly and easily prevent and repair the most common construction issues quickly and easily. With some knowledge and patience, you’ll be able to keep your projects running smoothly for years to come.…

How to Stay Safe When Traveling Alone

Although it may not concern you much, your travel safety is essential. And this is particularly so when traveling alone. Traveling can expose you to your life, property, health, and security risks. You don’t want to fall into the hands of hostile kidnappers on your trip. Right? So, consider these safety measures that you can take when traveling solo.

Avoid Risky Places

Before embarking on your trip, conduct enough research to understand the places you intend to visit or pass through. Some areas are hazardous, and it would be prudent to avoid them despite your urge to go there. Learn about the history of the places in terms of security threats and check for any recent security alerts warning tourists and visitors.

Tell Someone About Your Travel Plans

Although you will be traveling alone, you should inform your spouse, family, or friends about your travel plans. And this will be helpful if something happens to you while on the trip. For example, if you get lost in the Amazon forest, your friends and family can help the rescuers with the search effort to locate you. Your friends will also raise the alarm if you don’t get back on the planned date.

Get Your Travel Insurance

Despite all preventive efforts, it’s impossible to prevent all risks when traveling. And this is why you should get travel insurance to cover potential risks and associated costs. Your insurance cover may cover your treatment if you get into an accident and injure yourself while traveling.

Always Use Common Sense

Some situations will require you to make choices. Use common sense to avoid risky decisions and behaviors. For example, don’t take a walk alone at night in a place that you barely know. Don’t trust everyone you meet. 


Much of your safety during travel lies within your control. Take every safety measure before and during your trip. Finally, when in a risky situation, use common sense to respond rather than rely on your emotions.…

How to Request Your Boss to Extend Your Travel Leave

We all appreciate the importance of taking leave from work. A travel leave will lead to a better work-life balance and boost your motivation when you return to work. But taking too much time from work is not something your boss will like. While on your travel leave and you realize the need to extend it a little longer, you will face your boss and convince them to accept it. 

Extending your travel leave is not likely to please your boss, especially if he is the strict type. How do you approach the boss and request that extension successfully? Well, you should first realize that your boss has the final word. Then, apply these strategies when making the request;

Be Realistic 

Asking for an extension of your travel leave is not out of this world. But no boss will agree to extend your break by two months without a proper reason. Therefore, your first strategy is to be realistic when making the request. You can ask for a practical extension based on the time your travel leave was to last. For example, requesting an extra week is realistic. 

Give Reasons

There will be a reason for you to request an extended travel leave. You may realize you need more time to bond with your kids. Ensure that you explain the reason for the extension to your boss. Don’t assume your boss will agree to your request without proper justification. Again, remember to be realistic in the reasons that you give.

Give Enough Notice

Don’t make your request on the last day of your travel leave. Instead, give enough notice to allow your boss to plan how your workmates will share your responsibilities if you get an extension. Ambushing your boss when there is very little time left is sure to fail.

Parting Shot

Be realistic when requesting your boss for an extension of your travel leave. Explain why the extension is necessary and give enough notice.…

How to Get Cheap Travel Insurance

How to Get Cheap Travel Insurance

David Schi shares with us that getting travel insurance should be among your top priorities when traveling. After reading a solid post from David over at Alamo AC who are the go-to experts for home services, Texans call when it gets cold in the Lone Star state. The travel insurance plan will come in handy when unforeseen possibilities, such as canceled flights and sicknesses, arise. Having good travel insurance will help compensate you for the amounts you will have lost.

However, your travel insurance plan should not be too expensive. Multiple travel insurance plans with different costs and coverage will bombard you. Avoid going for insurance that is too costly.

Avoid Unnecessary Coverage

Your travel insurance plan will cover specific aspects of your travel, such as baggage insurance, medical insurance, and trip cancelation. You may not need all these coverage plans. A good example is getting medical insurance coverage when traveling locally and using your current health insurance if the need arises.

Align with Your Travel Plan

Take a travel insurance plan that aligns well with your travel plan. An annual policy will be good for you if you are a frequent traveler who has multiple trips every year. Otherwise, a single-trip policy will be appropriate if you don’t plan to travel many times in the year. 

Shop Wisely

Before you pick a travel insurance plan, shop wisely. Take time to check out and compare available policies regarding benefits, costs, and packages. You may want to consult a travel insurance agent with inside knowledge of the industry and plans. The idea is not to rush to pick the travel insurance policy you come across first.

Moreover, look out for travel insurance plans with discounts. Usually, companies providing travel insurance will offer discounts to attract customers. And many such policies are available for you. The deals will further lower the cost of the plan. 

Take Away

Travel insurance doesn’t have to cost you a lot. There are several tips for finding cheap travel insurance that meets your needs. Try these tips to get cheap travel insurance that caters to your needs. …

How to Get Cheap Accommodation when Traveling

How to Get Cheap Accommodation when Traveling

Accommodation is among the main concerns when you travel. It is also a fixed expense and probably will account for a significant part of your travel budget. Therefore, why not find cheap accommodation to cut your travel budget? There are many ways to get affordable housing while still enjoying your vacation.

Location is Important

When searching for accommodation, be mindful of the location. Usually, some areas will be more expensive to stay in than others. You may want to look for accommodation outside the city center. You will find hotels and other accommodation facilities outside the city center yet not far away. 

Go for Hostels

You have a wide range of accommodation types when you travel. You can choose to stay in an expensive hotel or a cheap hostel. Hostels are affordable and convenient for travelers on tight budgets. Apart from the affordability, you will also meet and interact with other travelers in the same hostel.

Book for Longer Stays

If your trip lasts days or weeks, it will be cheaper to stay in one accommodation facility the entire time. And this often comes with discounts where some hotels and facilities will offer good deals. For example, you may book a hotel for five days, and the hotel will give you a discount such that you’ll only pay for four days.

Sharing Apartments

You can also share apartments with other travelers and split the cost. And this is a common practice among travelers. You can do this with Airbnb, where you can share the cost of staying in one Airbnb with other travelers. Also, you will meet and interact with fellow travelers, enhancing your travel experience.


Finding cheap accommodation should not be a bother. Apart from the tips I have provided, you can also find other great tips and excellent accommodation offers on the internet.…

Tajikistan: The Land of Beauty

Tajikistan is a beautiful country in the middle of Asia that many people are not aware of. There are beautiful mountains, lakes, and other natural wonders waiting to be explored. I have compiled this list of ten beautiful places you can visit while visiting Tajikistan!

 The Panj River Valley –  This beautiful valley is home to beautiful mountains, not unlike American national parks in the Rockies. 

 The Pamir Mountains –  The beautiful high-altitude mountains range from the bottom of Kyrgyzstan all the way up to China. It’s a great place for beautiful views and hiking trails.

 Lake Sarez – This beautiful lake is actually caused by a natural disaster. The earthquake in 1911 led to the formation of several beautiful lakes, including this one!

Iskanderkul – This beautiful lake is the largest in Tajikistan and also has a beautiful waterfall. It’s a great place to go swimming, boating and fishing!

 Alaudin Lakes – These beautiful lakes are close to Lake Iskanderkul and offer some of the best camping I’ve ever done! They’re surrounded by beautiful mountains with amazing views.

 Sarez Glacier – This glacier offers some of the most beautiful skiing anywhere on Earth as well as gorgeous hiking trails all around it. If you want natural beauty mixed with outdoor sports this is definitely your place!

 Varzob River Valley – The river flows from Dushanbe down into Uzbekistan where it meets up with another beautiful river called Amu-Darya that helps form the beautiful Ferghana Valley.

 Rang-Kul – This beautiful lake is another of Tajikistan’s largest lakes and has beautiful hiking trails around it! It also connects to the Panj River, making for a beautiful view on the way down from Alaudin Lakes. 

 Fan Mountains – These beautiful mountains are home to some of the most stunning caves I’ve ever seen anywhere in the world! They’re located just outside Dushanbe so they’re easy enough to visit on your trip back into town after visiting Sarez Glacier or Lake Iskanderkul.

 Nurestan National Park – The beautiful national park is home to many different types of wildlife including Brown Bears, Ibexes, Pamiri Goats, Markhor Goats, and beautiful wildflowers!

 Pamir Highway – This beautiful highway is the highest drivable road in the world. It’s also known as M41 and stretches from Dushanbe all the way to Osh, Kyrgyzstan (75 km). Right now it takes about 18 hours by bus along this beautiful route but someday soon they’ll finish paving it which will make for a beautiful drive through some of Asia’s most remote areas. 

 Great Silk Road – The beautiful historic trade route cuts right across Tajikistan on its way between China and Europe (and beyond)! You can visit caravanserais that were built over 1000 years ago still standing today.

Khujand – This beautiful city is situated right where the beautiful Syr-Darya River flows into the beautiful Amu Darya river. It’s a great place to go shopping and enjoy some delicious food!

Dushanbe – The beautiful capital city of Tajikistan is not to be missed. The beautiful architecture, food and shopping are all things you should make sure to enjoy when visiting the country!