How to Request Your Boss to Extend Your Travel Leave

We all appreciate the importance of taking leave from work. A travel leave will lead to a better work-life balance and boost your motivation when you return to work. But taking too much time from work is not something your boss will like. While on your travel leave and you realize the need to extend it a little longer, you will face your boss and convince them to accept it. 

Extending your travel leave is not likely to please your boss, especially if he is the strict type. How do you approach the boss and request that extension successfully? Well, you should first realize that your boss has the final word. Then, apply these strategies when making the request;

Be Realistic 

Asking for an extension of your travel leave is not out of this world. But no boss will agree to extend your break by two months without a proper reason. Therefore, your first strategy is to be realistic when making the request. You can ask for a practical extension based on the time your travel leave was to last. For example, requesting an extra week is realistic. 

Give Reasons

There will be a reason for you to request an extended travel leave. You may realize you need more time to bond with your kids. Ensure that you explain the reason for the extension to your boss. Don’t assume your boss will agree to your request without proper justification. Again, remember to be realistic in the reasons that you give.

Give Enough Notice

Don’t make your request on the last day of your travel leave. Instead, give enough notice to allow your boss to plan how your workmates will share your responsibilities if you get an extension. Ambushing your boss when there is very little time left is sure to fail.

Parting Shot

Be realistic when requesting your boss for an extension of your travel leave. Explain why the extension is necessary and give enough notice.…