Tajikistan: The Land of Beauty

Tajikistan is a beautiful country in the middle of Asia that many people are not aware of. There are beautiful mountains, lakes, and other natural wonders waiting to be explored. I have compiled this list of ten beautiful places you can visit while visiting Tajikistan!

 The Panj River Valley –  This beautiful valley is home to beautiful mountains, not unlike American national parks in the Rockies. 

 The Pamir Mountains –  The beautiful high-altitude mountains range from the bottom of Kyrgyzstan all the way up to China. It’s a great place for beautiful views and hiking trails.

 Lake Sarez – This beautiful lake is actually caused by a natural disaster. The earthquake in 1911 led to the formation of several beautiful lakes, including this one!

Iskanderkul – This beautiful lake is the largest in Tajikistan and also has a beautiful waterfall. It’s a great place to go swimming, boating and fishing!

 Alaudin Lakes – These beautiful lakes are close to Lake Iskanderkul and offer some of the best camping I’ve ever done! They’re surrounded by beautiful mountains with amazing views.

 Sarez Glacier – This glacier offers some of the most beautiful skiing anywhere on Earth as well as gorgeous hiking trails all around it. If you want natural beauty mixed with outdoor sports this is definitely your place!

 Varzob River Valley – The river flows from Dushanbe down into Uzbekistan where it meets up with another beautiful river called Amu-Darya that helps form the beautiful Ferghana Valley.

 Rang-Kul – This beautiful lake is another of Tajikistan’s largest lakes and has beautiful hiking trails around it! It also connects to the Panj River, making for a beautiful view on the way down from Alaudin Lakes. 

 Fan Mountains – These beautiful mountains are home to some of the most stunning caves I’ve ever seen anywhere in the world! They’re located just outside Dushanbe so they’re easy enough to visit on your trip back into town after visiting Sarez Glacier or Lake Iskanderkul.

 Nurestan National Park – The beautiful national park is home to many different types of wildlife including Brown Bears, Ibexes, Pamiri Goats, Markhor Goats, and beautiful wildflowers!

 Pamir Highway – This beautiful highway is the highest drivable road in the world. It’s also known as M41 and stretches from Dushanbe all the way to Osh, Kyrgyzstan (75 km). Right now it takes about 18 hours by bus along this beautiful route but someday soon they’ll finish paving it which will make for a beautiful drive through some of Asia’s most remote areas. 

 Great Silk Road – The beautiful historic trade route cuts right across Tajikistan on its way between China and Europe (and beyond)! You can visit caravanserais that were built over 1000 years ago still standing today.

Khujand – This beautiful city is situated right where the beautiful Syr-Darya River flows into the beautiful Amu Darya river. It’s a great place to go shopping and enjoy some delicious food!

Dushanbe – The beautiful capital city of Tajikistan is not to be missed. The beautiful architecture, food and shopping are all things you should make sure to enjoy when visiting the country!